Tinghao (Kenneth)

I am Tinghao (Kenneth) Liang, a fifteen-year-old male from china. I have been in Prince Edward Island, Canada for almost four years.  I am a student in Grace Christian School, going into grade eleven. 

One of the top priorities about the rights of children and youth in PEI that the committee should be spending more time on, is letting child and youth receive faster health care needs from nurses and doctors in the emergency department. The average waiting time for non-severe patients in the emergency department is 5 to 7 hours. Therefore, the committee should spend more time to consider and make changes. Specifically, provide better child and youth health care on Prince Edward Island.     

Another priority about the rights of children and youth in PEI is that the committee should give advice to Prince Edward Island’s government to build science museums and discovery centers. Meanwhile we need to travel to Halifax and Moncton for us to visit science museums. It’s not ideal for children and youth to have a lack of knowledge in science.      

I am pleased to have the privilege to be part of the Child and Youth Advisory Committee.