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Hi, my name is Shauna Bjornson. I am a 16 year-old fraternal twin girl and currently in grade 10 at Bluefield High School.

I was born on Prince Edward Island and have lived between here and Saskatchewan. Growing up, I have always liked drawing and tend to do it on my own time. I’ve enjoyed soccer and basketball but haven’t played on any sports teams. I’ve always been a huge mama's girl ever since, literally, day one. My dad wasn’t always in my life, but I still love him.

I attended pre-K and kindergarten in Saskatchewan before moving back here for grades one to three. After grade 3, we moved back to Saskatchewan, and  it wasn’t until after grade 5 that we moved back to PEI. I’m happy to say we have been here since.

In grade 8, I got my first every job! It was so exciting and kind of scary, but I still love my job to this day. I work at the North Rustico Food Market which is obviously in the great community of North Rustico. I also have the opportunity to work on accounting every now and then in the community.

In grade 9, I started designing my very own clothing line as a project and really hope to continue with it as a side job later in life.

After high school, I really want to be a lawyer or an accountant. I have gone through so many job idea switches in my head growing up; now I'm finally sort of settled.

I absolutely love animals and always wanted to become a vet but later on realized I wouldn’t be able to face some of the struggles that come with the job. I then switched to wanting to be an actress. I really wanted to attend the Vancouver Film School. I soon changed my career again to what it is now. I have been wanting to be a lawyer for a couple of years now and it wasn’t until I started working on accounting that I thought it could be the job for me. I’m taking law courses and accounting courses next year to really see what I may like more, but I still don’t know.

Currently, I’m just heading through high school with ideas in my head but I want to keep my options open in case I change my mind again. Being in school a lot of kids focus on getting noticed and getting awards, but I was never really someone who was in school for those reasons. I always focused on and still focus on my future career and setting myself up for that. Of course, I may not have awards in track or powerlifting like my sister, but I do try my best to get the best grades I can. I really want to get good grades and attend college or university and take my learning further. If I chose to be a lawyer it would be a complete dream come true if I could attend law school at Dalhousie University. I absolutely love the school of Dalhousie and have been obsessed with it for the longest time. I really loved that it was in Halifax because that is where I wanted to live for so many years, but I am okay with staying and living on PEI. If I were to become an accountant I have no clue where I would attend and I’m not sure if Dalhousie also provides accounting classes as well but it’s something I could look for and hope for. My life has been a complete roller coaster, but I am so grateful to be where I am today.