Founding Member

My name is Sarah Lucy Knockwood and I am 15 years-old. I am one of the Indigenous youth in Scotchfort. I have a loving family and two dogs.

My life has been a roller coaster of emotions and adventures. I passed elementary school and went on to high school. There, I had some trouble and failed grade 9, but didn't give up. Instead, I transferred to the Montessori school and worked hard to do better. I am not one to give up. I love to try new things as well.

I love arts and crafts and am currently trying to start a business to sell my  paintings.

I am always looking for ways to make a difference, be it by helping out others or hoping to make people smile.

I joined the committee for the experience in political things but also to make a difference. I like to give my honest opinion. I hope to make more friends in the future.

Artwork titled 'About Me' by Lucy K