Founding Member

I’m a 16 year-old girl going into grade 11 at Bluefield High school. I was born in PEI but have moved back and forth from here to Saskatchewan my entire life. I may not be an outstanding person but I can definitely tell you my qualities that put me aside from others. I am also going to talk about things I'm interested in and accomplishments I have done.

I am a very outspoken person who likes to prove a point and I don’t settle for any less. I am always trying to have my voice heard in as many ways as I can. I would drop anything to help someone in need and I like to put a smile on peoples faces even if I don’t feel it myself. In my spare time, I try to learn new things and volunteer at multiple spots.

My community may be small but I make myself known and take the time to get to know people.

If you don’t already know, I like to talk lots and ask lots of questions. Some may say I’m an overachiever, but I cherish it.

I like to involve myself in sports; the teams I’ve been on are badminton, track and field, power lifting and I am also interested in getting into rugby. Aside from sports, I also like to read lots of good books, do crafts, spend time with friends, garden/plant, and to make gifts. I love looking at art but can’t do it worth my life. I also like swimming, kayaking, camping, and doing lots of fishing. I am also a big cooking and baking geek. My favourite hobby is traveling and exploring. So far, I’ve been everywhere in Canada, except five places.

My current goal is to explore the Island more than I have; I am doing a restaurant journey with my friends this summer. Last but not least, I love buying sunglasses. Everywhere I go, you’ll find me buying a new pair.

I may not believe it, but I am very proud of all the accomplishments and volunteer work that I have done. Sometimes I’m a bit harsh on myself and sell myself short. Now is my chance to be proud of the work I’ve done.

I have been involved in lots of volunteer work over the past couple of years including the annual Mikinduri fundraiser, leadership at school events, peer helper with elementary students, brunch at North Rustico Lions Club, tree planting for watershed group, Thanksgiving dinner at South Rustico Lions Club, a "mini library" community service project, Rustico rink canteen, student council member and participant in multiple leadership events.

Some of my accomplishments would be getting my bronze Duke of Edinburgh award (currently working on silver), getting bronze in my first provincial power lifting meet this year, having the chance to meet our Lieutenant Governor and being personally invited to her garden party. This year, I was supposed to attend the Skills PEI Competition event for culinary but wasn’t able to attend due to COVID-19. Lastly, I just received the culinary arts award through the art coffee house award ceremony that Bluefield throws every year.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I have a fraternal twin sister who is the total opposite of me. And no, having a twin isn’t always fun, it has its ups and downs.

Lastly, I can now say that I am a proud member of the Child and Youth Advisory Committee of the PEI Office of the Child and Youth Advocate and can’t wait to see what this committee has to offer.