My name is Joelle and I am thirteen. My first language is English but I learned French at a very young age so I know both languages equally. I think I provide good insight into the Francophone community. I go to École Francois-Buote. I am part of the LGBTQ2+ community. During the last year I have done a lot more art and I have become a more creative person. Because of my teaching at Dance Umbrella, I have learned how to better understand small children and what they need.

I offer a different point of view and a diversity of ideas. Keeping the youth of our community safe is a very important thing to me. I think going to a French school gives me a unique perspective on the somewhat unfair distribution of funds between French and English schools. As part of the LGBTQ2+ community, I am but one letter of the acronym but I have many close friends of diverse parts of said acronym. These close friends give me the chance to see the world from many different perspectives. Some perspectives accepting and some not so fortunate. I also have experience with adoption services. I was not adopted but my mother was. I went through the entire process of discovering her birth family along with her. She was adopted back when the church would take your newborn child if you weren’t married.

I believe that equality is very important and all youth should be treated fairly and protected from harm outside of their control. They should also be helped and taught to protect themselves from things within their control. If they are not protected as they should be, there will be serious mental and physical drawbacks due to that. We need to do the best we can to protect all the youth of our province so that those potential drawbacks don't happen. Because if they do they could lead to serious mental illnesses in the future.

Drawing by Joelle of her self, a dog, a cat and a bird