Hi, my name is Miyako Kenny, and I am currently 13 years old. I was born in Japan in 2007, after 4 years I moved to Jakarta, Indonesia due to my father's employment. After 2 years of living in Indonesia and attending the Jakarta International School, I moved to Ontario, Canada for only 8 months before officially moving to Long Island, New York. After living in Long island for 3 years, I finally moved to Prince Edward Island! I have 2 siblings (an older sister, and a younger brother) and as well as 3 dogs; a black pug (Storm), a chocolate lab (Charlotte, named after Charlottetown), and a Japanese chin (Tono) who is the newest member of our family. My mother is Japanese, and my father is half Canadian and half Australian. Making me half Japanese and 1 quarter Canadian and 1 quarter Australian. 
Since I was very young I have always loved anything to do with music and arts. I attended a lot of dance classes while living in New York, and came across the viola thanks to my school orchestra. Unfortunately I have not taken any dance classes since leaving New York, but I have gladly continued the viola. I am so so grateful I stuck with it even in the toughest situations and it has helped form me into the person I am today. It helps me release all the feelings I have trapped inside of me. I also love to bullet journal and paint as well. It helps me use my creativity and make something special out of it. I also recently started golf as well. Before I started golf I was a bit nervous and to be honest not the most excited, but once I started it and kept an open mind, I learned to love it very quickly. I am very glad I started golf!
Lately I have been VERY interested in Criminology. I have been fascinated by topics such as criminal minds and law. When I eventually go to university, I currently want to go to Sophia University located in Japan. I want to get a psychology degree and a PhD in criminology.
When it comes to advocacy priorities, from my experience in middle school, there have been various cases of cyberbullying and loss of self esteem due to the "norm" of the school or the students which should be addressed. Children only at the ages 11-14+ have been pressured to follow the trends, fit in, date, and presumably get bad grades, because if you don't you're labeled nerd, brainiac, teacher's pet, and so on. This goes for both genders as well. Children and teens shouldn't be embarrassed to say "I love you" to their parents when they leave for school, or wear bright/vibrant colours, or want to be identified differently from their sexuality, gender, or pronoun. But, society brainwashed teens across the world into thinking you can't be different and unique, and choose your own story. 
In order to fix this, from my point of view is to share each other's stories, and learn from each other coming from a girl, boy, and lgbtq+ member to share the struggles they've had in topics such as social media. I think this will help because I am certain there will be students and teens who relate and understand how they feel and try to slowly understand how everyone wants the same thing, to be accepted for who you are and not what society wants.