I am an Islander with heritage from Scottish and Irish people. I identify as a boy. I am an ally of LGBTQ2S+ people. I like learning about human rights. I am concerned about climate change and how it will affect children today and in the future. I am very interested in children’s mental health rights because adults sometimes think less of children’s mental health and ignore it just because they are a child. 

I am interested in basic human needs for children like food and water and shelter and safe places and safe people. This matters to me because people go without food and shelter which can lead to serious issues and serious consequences.

I think children should be more educated about politics in the school system so people can understand it earlier at a younger age when your brain is still developing. The first time I started to talk about children’s rights for politics and voting was when I was six. I made videos about how the percentage of votes you get should be the percent of seats you get in the legislature.

Children’s voices need to be heard because in mental health, they don’t get help if no one listens. And in politics they can still have a valid opinion on many topics even if adults don’t think that. 

I think the top priority for the Child and Youth Advisory Committee should be mental health services for children and youth to make them less expensive and more openly available to those who don’t have enough money to get it for their children and for people to be able to find and book services.